An Encyclopedia of Houston Street Art
An Encyclopedia of Houston Street Art

The Myrtle  B Fonteno Building

          2800 San Jacinto st

The Myrtle building--a large abandoned mental health facility--was almost exclusively painted by Daniel Anguilu intially.  In the last several years the west and south sides have been repainted several times by numerous artists.  The future of the complex is in question, but it remains the crown gem of Houston street art, and sits adjacent to the largest mural in town.

XL Arts

          3000 Crawford

Across from historic Baldwin Park, this auto parts store remains a mainstay of Houston street art, which includes a rare wildstyle by Nekst.

Kingspoint Mullet

          10900 Kingspoint rd

Kingspoint Proper aka Kingspoint Mullet aka the Mullet.

Unfortunately, the Mullet is a dim reflection of its former glory since the death of founder Johnathan Estes in August 2014.  During its heyday, the Mullet was Houston's biggest street art locale, a place for practice and partying.  Although much of the wall space has been reclaimed, several textbook-quality pieces remain.

Food Truck Park

          1504 St Emanuel st

Formerly the Meridian club, this spot is replete with large-scale pieces by some of H-town's top street artists.  Oddly, a hipster church outbid a stripclub for the property, so the future of street art here is unclear.  On Polk, just a few blocks away, more street art is to be found adjacent to the 8th Wonder Brewery.

Cecil's Pub

          600 W Gray st

Drink prices may be a bit steep here, but you're paying to bask in some of the best street art in Houston.  Such atmosphere!

The Blue Factory

          4100 Harrisburg blvd

Whatever you may call it, this sprawling warehouse on the East End may be the best choice of sites if Houston is to host Meeting of Styles again (since the demise of Kingspoint Mullet).  It is a veritable outdoor gallery.

Alva Graphics

           1102 Shepherd dr

Alva Graphics had to downsize, but the original location still boasts some of the best aerosol artwork in the Bayou City.  Check out their new location at 910 N. Durham for all your graffiti needs.  Good luck finding it though.

Texas Art Asylum

          1719 Live Oak st

"Part craft store, part thrift store, part salvage yard and part antique shop...the Texas Art Asylum specializes in items for creative reuse."  It also happens to be adorned with murals by some of the top names in town.


          403 Westheimer rd

Mango's is a bar near Numbers, and it is absolutely covered with street art.

FrenetiCore Theater

          5102 Navigation blvd

This dance theater in the East End has a handful of pieces.

713 Inc

          4739 Canal st

Like a smaller version of the original Alva Graphics; 713 Inc sells aerosol cans and tips, and its walls serve as a sometimes practice space.  Paint can also be had at Texas Art Supply, or on the lower end, Home Depot and Lowes.

Common Building

          2102 Common st

A handful of murals can also be found at this artist space.

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