An Encyclopedia of Houston Street Art
An Encyclopedia of Houston Street Art


The godfather of Houston street art, Gonzo is the founder of Aerosol Warfare, he painted the most iconic mural in Houston (see below), and he's an artist-in-residence for St.Arnold's.


Daniel Anguilu aka "Weah" no longer considers himself a street artist, but he's got more sanctioned wall space than anyone else in town.  He's easily recognizable by his stained glass style.


If Gonzo is the the godfather, Wiley is king.  Weah may have more official wall space, but no one can be found in more parts of town than Wiley.  He paints, wheatpastes, and slaps the hell out some stickers.  Oh, and he appropriated the word "love," so anywhere you see that scrawled on a telephone pole or whatnot, that's probably him too.

Mr. D

Hailing from Paris, Mr. D is the man behind the largest mural in town (next to the Myrtle building), the Biscuit Wall (probably the most photographed wall in town), and the Eyeful Art studio.


Hey, not all these artists are gonna have descriptions.

Ana Marietta

W3r3 On3


One Lee


Nicky Davis

Anat Ronen



Visual Meth

Michael Rodriguez



Black Cassidy


Tarboxx Tarboxx

The Wheatpasters


Zen Full

Posthumous Honors:


King Nekst was the biggest writer to come out of the bayou city.  Although he died in 2012, his name still abounds throughout Houston and other major cities across the US.


Ok, Coolidge isn't dead, but he stopped painting after an arrest in 2012.  A stencil artist, he's been called "Houston's answer to Banksy."  Known for painting cuddly animals, dinos, and pop culture icons in public places, only a few of his pieces still exist, mainly in the Heights.

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